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Part of every PCOS Foundation event experience is raising funds to help women and adolescent girls manage their PCOS. Become a powerful part of their need for information and resources to help them live happier healthier lives. When you give others a chance to make a donation, you’re empowering them to do something bold and admirable. Begin your own fundraising campaign and share with others the power of what a donation can do to help. Happy fundraising!


Fundraising Details:

Team and individuals have the option to help the PCOS Foundation further its mission of awareness and education by fundraising. Individuals can collect donations in two ways:

1.  Online through your team’s page on active.com

2.  Using the paper FUNDRAISING form. This can be copied and given to

each team member.

3.  By check :

Please make checks payable to:

PCOS Foundation

10901 Katy Freeway

Houston, Texas 77079


Become a Team Leader:

Captains inspire us to go farther.


- A captain will come into registration and click the “Register Now” Button.

- Select the “Team Captain” Category to create their team name and Register at the same time.

- Once the captain has created the team name and registered, they must notify each member of their team to come into Active and register as a part of their team.


- Each member who is notified that their team has been created can then come into the main registration page, click the “Register Now” button.

- Select the “Team Member” Category of their choice to join their team

- Select their team from the drop down menu, complete and pay for their registration.


- Individuals can come into the main registration page, click the "Register Now" button

- Select the Individual Registration Category

- Complete and pay for their registration

The PCOS Foundation is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax  exempt status. Donations are tax-deductible.


Fundraising Incentives:

For every $100 you your team raise, you will be eligible for a raffle ticket to enter for our GRAND PRIZE! There is not limit to how many raffle tickets you can obtain!

Happy fundraising!



PCOS Symposium...

Wow! This is incredible! I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 14 and I am so amazed at how much has been accomplished. I am now 26 and I am so happy to see that PCOS is finally being recognized.

- Stephanie, 2014